Take Time.... for a spot of tea.

In a world of busy schedules deadlines, and endless "to do" lists, rarely are the ministers ministered to.

The AACYM would like to invite you to take a few minutes to relax and share your suggestions with us. Prepare yourself a cup of tea, and let your thoughts brew. We would like to know how can we better assist you?

Time for a Spot of Tea Online Survey

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1.- When do you find the best time of day to attend gathered events? Check all that apply.

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2.- The AACYM offers infromation that focus on areas of growth in ministry. Which of these areas would you find most beneficial to focus our attention on? Check all that apply.

Professional Growth Spiritual Growth
Technology Continuing Education

3.- What way is best to share information with you? Check all that apply.

Through the US Post Office Through email and the internet

4.- What kind of events could the AACYM offer to help you as a person ministering to youth?

4a.- Is there someone you would like to bring in as a speaker?

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5a.- If not, would you share why?
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