Previous Events / Speakers:

Spring 2015
Dr. Bob Rice
"Reflection on Pope Francis' Encyclical: Evangelii Gaudium"
Fall 2014
Rev. Michael Scherschel and Nancy Polacek
"Being Sacrament for
Each Other -
Big S and little s"
Spring 2014
John Donahue Grossman
"Meaningful Rituals"
Winter 2013-2014
"Bowling with AACYM"
Fall 2013
Guest: Nancy Polacek
Event: "Engaging Circles of Faith: Families and Youth Ministry"
Spring 2013
"Equipping Youth Ministry for Volunteers"
Winter 2013
"Spirits, Spares and Spirituality - A Fun Day of Bowling, Wine and Live Music"
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Fall 2012
Joe Paprocki, D.Min.
"Helping Teens to Live the Mass: How One Hour a Week can change their lives"
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Spring 2012
Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson, D.Min.
"What's the Mistery? - Magnifying Holy Week through Youth Ministry"
Fall 2011
Event: "Celebration - Communication - Affirmation" - A Luncheon for Youth Ministers and Pastors featuring Dr. Robert McCarty
Spring 2011
Event: "Tech Ministry" - Media Technology in Youth Ministry
Winter 2011
"Night of Networking and Resource Fun" at Fitz’s Spare Keys
Fall 2010
Guest: ValLimar Jansen
Event: "Living Life with Passion and Power" - Proclamation of the Word

Spring 2010
Event: Time with colleagues in ministry in small discussions sharing practical Ministry Information while being each others best resource!

Spring 2010
Guest: Daniel Martin
Event: A.A.C.Y.M DINNER, DRINKS & DAN - Evening of fun, laughter and magic!
Fall 2009
Speaker: Dr. Michael Carotta
Topic: "Sustaining the Spirit"
Spring 2009
Speakers: Resurrection Hospital
Topic: "Responding to Addictions Pastorally"
Spring 2009
Event: Whirlyball Chicago
Fall 2008
Speaker: Frank Mercadante
Topic: "Millennials, Postmodernism, and the Third Generation of Catholic Youth Ministry"
Spring 2008
Speakers: Maruja Sedano (OFCYM), Carol Walters (Office for Lay-Ecclesial Ministry), and Roberta Anderson (Saint George Parish)
Topic: "Co-Workers in the Vineyard"
Spring 2008
Event: Spring Cruise
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Fall 2007
Speaker: Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson
Topic: "Amazing Grace"
Spring 2007
Speaker: Fr. JohnPaul Cafiero
Topic: "Nourishing the Spirituality of the Youth Minister"
Fall 2006
Speaker: Mark Teresi
Topic: "Nurturing the Adult Spiritually"
Fall 2006
Speaker: Christina Semmel
Topic: "The Adolescent Spirit"
April 2006
Speaker: Maruja Sedano - Office for Catechesis of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Topic: "Working to Advance Catholic Youth Ministry"
October 2005
Speaker: Mike Patin
Topic: "How to Hold Ourselves Accountable to Healthy Ministry Patterns"
April 2005
Speaker: Bishop Manz and Fr. Britto
Topic: "Spiritual Renewal" - Two individual sessions presented to encourage Renewal of the Spirit. Renewal sessions requested by AACYM members.
November 2004
Professional Power Lunch at Villa Brunetti.
Opportunity to resource with others in the Field of Youth Ministry.
April 2004
Speaker: Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale, Ph.D.
Topic: "Youth Ministers as Lay-Ecclesial Ministers" - "Youth Ministry: more than just fun and games"
October 15, 2003
Kick-Off Event
Speaker: Bob McCarty - National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers
Topic: "Take Care of the You in Youth Ministry"